• The structure of the press is built with steel plates of high quality and thickness dimensioned to the total thrust of the press. Subsequently they are processed with precise tolerances and combined with steel beams, the surfaces are planned to guarantee a perfect parallelism of the modular structure. The sections of the supports of the pressing cylinders and the thickness of the tables are designed so as to obtain a pressure distribution along the entire pressing surface even with low specific pressures on the pieces.
  • The platens are made from 42mm thick steel plates. They are rectified and drilled to allow the circulation of the heating fluid (diathermic oil); the pitch among the holes is reduced to ensure rapid, uniform and constant heating of the entire tables. Faces are ground and polished and covered with detachable Mylar film.
  • Movement of the moving platen is bottom to top, that means lower cylinders. The construction module gives the structure robustness and reliability, even in difficult operating conditions; a special system of guides with racks and pinions in both longitudinal and transversal sense, provides to balance and maintain the parallelism between the mobile upper platen and the fixed bottom table.
  • On the Hydraulic unit of the press, the motor is coupled co-axially to the pumps. The control valves are located above the control unit. A pressure gauge indicates the actual pressure; the operator inputs on the gauge the pressure he wants to exert on the material to be pressed; once this is reached, the gauge automatically stops the pump motor. The gauge is fitted with an automatic start if the pressure should drop.
  • The hydraulic cylinders are carefully pressure tested and are made from thick pipes in special steel. They are chromed and ground for durability.
  • The electric board, properly sealed, is installed on a side of the press. It is equipped with a programmable electronic control (PLC), to manage all main phases of the machine cycle.
  • VOLTAGE: primary circuit 400 Volt, secondary 24V, 50 Hz
  • Controls: The press closing is obtained through simultaneous pushing of two push buttons according to the safety rules now in force. Press opening through electric push button.
  • Safety wire around the whole press perimeter.
  • Electric plant composed with materials supplied by primary companies and assembled in observance of the CE regulations and with low voltage commands.
  • Diathermic oil heating system for the press tables, with electric boiler. Resistances in carbon steel, oil tank, operational thermostat and safety (mechanical) thermostat; thermoregulatory, electric board.


Table size: 3100 x 1550mm
Number of tables: 2
Number of daylights: 1
Front side (loading): 3100mm
Loading depth: 1550mm
Loading height: 1130mm
Daylight (aprx): 300mm
Number of cylinders: 10
Cylinder formation: 5 rows of 2 cylinders each
Cylinder diameter: 85mm
Cylinder stroke: 400mm
Closing speed: 22mm/sec
Total thrust: 120 Tonnes
Max specific pressure on 80% of the surface: 3.5kg/cm² (50psi)
Max specific pressure on 100% of the surface: 2.8kg/cm² (40psi)
Working temperature: 0 – 130°C
Oil pump motor: 5.5kw
Electric boiler power: 36kw
Net weight: 9000 Kg
Automatic Opening with Timer
Manual Exclusion of 2 Cylinders
All platens Covered with detachable Mylar Film

All equipment according to CE regulations.

Price ex-works : £28,795 + VAT


Two daylight price ex-works: £32,394 + VAT

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