Our Brands

At Hybond, we have the following brands:


Xtramelt – Our range of hot melt adhesives, found in many packaging and woodworking applications, including EVA, HMPUR, Metalocenic, Polyolefins, etc
XtraBond – Our diverse range of solvent based adhesives, found in automotive, upholstery, specialist packaging, composite panel manufacture and including Polyurethane, SBR and Polychloroprene technologies
XtraLok – All of our non HM and solvent free technologies come under the XtraLok banner, including PVAs, EVA Dispersions, Hybrid Polymers, Cyanoacrylates, Acrylics and Epoxies, etc.
In addition, we are Premium Partner distributor for Henkel and sole UK distributor for Leuenberger SpA.