Process Review Service

At Hybond; we understand the challenges Production Managers face: pressure to keep production going, rising costs, machine cleanup/maintenance/downtime issues, dealing with hazardous adhesives/solvents, production bottlenecks and all the time – hoping the adhesive is actually being applied correctly and is going to do its job once the finished product has left your factory.

However; there is an alternative and it costs you nothing!

Hybond Process Review Service

  1. We visit your site for a complete review and to gain a full understanding of your process as it is now and critically, what do you want to improve?! be it shorter press times, cleaner running, reduce solvent, save energy costs, less downtime or just a lower cost way of doing the job. If relevant, we will ask for samples of substrates being bonded, that we can analyse off site.
  2. We will then review what you are doing and what you want to do against the best practice and the most modern technologies, formulations and application methodology available today and draft a proposal for your process. Depending on the process, this may involve trials in our own laboratory, either to refine a process or to confirm final bond strength etc. Our proposal will include why we have chosen the options we have, what the benefits are to you and any capex required to move forward.
  3. We arrange a follow up meeting to discuss the proposals in detail and agree on any fine tuning that may be required.
  4. We move with you to production trials so that you can be finally satisfied that what we are suggesting works for you in practice. At every stage, we will support you with on-site technical back up, reinforced with any laboratory work required by us. At no point in this process do we make any charge for our work.

This simple but effective approach, devised by us during the late 1990s, has helped many production managers and factory owners greatly improve their process, improve their product, reduce their costs and of course; move ahead of their competition.

Case Studies



A manufacturer of bedroom furniture believed they were operating as efficiently as they could be on their edgebanding process using a standard EVA based hot melt adhesive running at 200⁰C and 300gsm coating weight. After thoroughly reviewing their process Hybond was able to offer the latest cool technology applying at 150⁰C and 200gsm coating weight.

As well as a reduction in energy costs and glue usage this customer is also now enjoying a vastly improved finish on their panels with a virtually invisible glue line and a massive reduction in maintenance on their machinery as a result of a cleaner process eliminating the previously experienced issues of charring and degradation of adhesive at the high temperature.


A manufacturer of high-class office furniture, bonding real-wood veneer to MDF, had been using a 2 part resin system for years with all the associated concerns of: handling hazardous substances; mixing; glue wastage; difficult to clean; long press times; and high press temperatures.

Having reviewed their process Hybond was able to recommend the latest single-component, water based technology eliminating all these worries and offering a 30 second press cycle at 65⁰C greatly reducing their energy consumption also.


A manufacturer of high quality boats for the emergency services and high-end leisure craft has a problem with glue joints darkening when exporting boats to hot climates. In the Hybond laboratory, we carried out trials with our UV stabilised adhesive system and subjected the samples to intense UV light over several weeks, with customer original samples tested at the same time.

The results where spectacular so the next stage was to test the strength of the adhesive, against the one currently in use. A positive result meant that the customer’s problem was completely solved.


A household name, this major producer of sofas thought they were happy with an adhesive that they had been buying for over a decade but decided that they had nothing to lose by having a review of their process. At Hybond, we were able to identify scope for a faster curing adhesive, together with some subtle changes to the rheology/viscosity to reduce waste as well as potential for an improved final bond.

Some changes were made to an existing formulation and this bespoke product was so successful in delivering these benefits that the decision was made to make the first adhesive change for many years.


A manufacturer of trim parts for volume car makers wanted a solution to the problem of spraying traditional contact adhesives, extensive work in the Hybond labs and with machinery manufacturers resulted in a proposal to roll-coat a solvent free PUR adhesive giving repeatable and guaranteed results, with vast improvements in bond integrity, speed of processing and a better quality final product at a lower unit cost than before. Only the very latest developments in PUR Technology allowed this to become a reality.

The case studies above show that while some customers have a glaring issue they need to solve, others simply were not aware that there were improvements that could easily be made. In each case the Hybond Process Review Service was able to deliver these improvements.

What is it worth to you to have an experienced team who are not tied to any particular range of products or technologies, look over your process in the kind of detail that not many Factory Managers have time for and produce a detailed analysis that will highlight benefits that you may not have realised were possible? Remember; there is NO CHARGE!